Monday, March 2, 2020

Where I'm from- Ella

I am from Mums home baking when i come home from school.
From backyard cricket and balls getting hit onto our roof, never returning.

I'm from camping with cuzzies for almost 13 years. From jumping off high cliffs into the cool blue lake.

I'm from long fast biscuit rides behind Grandads old boat.
From buying lollies at the shop with money form doing chores around the camp, and eating them all at night when we're supposed to be sleeping.

I am from cold wet Saturdat morning netball.
From the hard grippy ball numbing my hands as I take a shot at the hoop.

I am from waking up super early for swim meets all over the South Island.
From having no social life because I have to train 6 times a week.

I'm from meeting Molly in Wanaka for soft delicious gelato and swimming in the glistening lake.
From begging for sleepovers and making choc chip road-kill, wreckin Mum's frying pan.

I'm from fundraisng car washes on the street with Hazel, accompanied by an ice cream container full of money, our siblings, and the garden hose.
From meeting in town and bouncing on the tramp when her blood sugar is high.

I'm from Spotify playlists blasting through my head phones.
From long car trips and jamming out to Sweet Child O Mine with my sister.