Wednesday, April 29, 2020

My School- Ella

I groan and roll out of bed, landing hard on the floor in the process. Well that hurt. My alarm is blaring through my head and I smack it to make it stop. It doesn't. Pulling the plug out of the socket, I grap up my freshly ironed blue kilt and red polo shirt and head to the shower.

Tugging my hair brush through my wet blonde hair, I half run half walk into the kitchen and snatch the WeetBix out of the pantry. As I inhale my breakfast, I carefully push my chromebook into my school bag and my lunch, which thankfully I made last night. My P.E gear is at the bottom of my bag as well as my netball shoes, because netball trials are today. Yay!

I brush my teeth and grab my phone and now I'm in the car. Jumping out of the door, I flourish my hand to Mum and run into the school gates. The Oamaru Intermediate School logo greets me, as I walk as fast as my big clompy black school shoes can take me. Carefully putting my phone in the phone box and my bag in my locker, I get my pencil case and chromebook out and sit down at my desk. The bell rings. Phew, that was close!
I go to Oamaru Intermediate School and I love it. My teacher is Miss Taylor, who is 100% awesome. There is so many cool opportunities for anyone and everyone. My favourite part of the school year is the James Hargest College exchange, when OIS and JHC have a sports exchange. I met lots new friends there. I really enjoy going to school, but I can't go because of covid-19. The way we do school now has changed. My teacher is at school working and 90% of us are at home doing school online. I would much rather be doing school, well, at school!


  1. Hello Ella! My name is Jiya and I live in California. I love the way you decorated your blog! It's really awesome! Just like you we can't go to school because of covid-19. Your blog is awesome! Also please visit my blog

    1. Hey Jiya! Thanks so much! I would love to go to California. Covid-19 sucks! I would really love to visit your blog but the link isn't working sadly. Thanks for the nice comment!

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  3. Hi Ella,
    Great post! It was really fun to read what a normal morning is like for you. It made me laugh. Sorry about your big clompy black shoes. 😄 I am so happy that you like your school and your teacher. I sure hope you can go back to school soon? What is your government saying about that?

    Here in Alberta, Canada, they are saying September. Our school year ends at the end of June, then starts back in late August or early September. That is such a long time to be off school.

    What do you do to stay in touch with friends? How is online school going?

    Take care

    Student blogging challenge commenter

    1. Hi Marg,
      Thanks for the comment. We are back at school now, and our prime minister is saying we might go into Level 1 soon, so that's exciting! It's cool that you live in Canada, I hope you guys get back to school soon. I sometimes FaceTimed my friends and my class had Zoom meetings every Monday and Friday so it was nice to see my class- sort of.
      Stay safe!
      -Ella :)